We carry out tiled roof repairs and complete new tiled roofs all up to current building control regulations. We provide scaffolding where needed for access. Prices are very competitive and works carried out professionally by out experienced staff. Lead work carried out to Lead Associations regulations. All our new roofs come with a 15 year written guarantee for your peace of mind.

Please see photographs of recent slate roofs our company has carried out. If you have an existing natural slate roof we can normally strip off and salvage the good slates and mix them in with 2nd hand brought slates of the same size and colour which will save you money. All new roofs come with a 15 year written guarantee.

We can also repair slipped or damaged slates by removing the damaged ones and replacing with new on new slate clips.   

Working with lead is a highly skilled profession and as you will see from our photographs we have been asked to carry out some highly bespoke renewal works for our clients.

All out work is carried out to the Lead associations’ recommendations and if installed correctly lead has a life span of 60 plus years.         

We used to lay our new felt roof coverings in hot bitumen, but know with the high performance felt roof systems on the market; these are applied with a gas torch gun. As you see from our pictures you can get a very neat, affordable finish which will last for 20 to 30 years.

We also carry out felt roof repairs, any questions or queries please contact us through our CONTACTS page.